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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

Read what others have said about working with us:

- Vahid Davoudi
Santa Monica, CA | February 26, 2016

Just had a great experience with Rochelle Ibarra - she really took the time to explain things and educate me while buying our first home. She was super responsive, a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her any time!

- Austin F.
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA | August 01, 2011

My husband and I just bought our first home together, and the loan process was easy thanks to my mortgage broker Rob Cohn. He helped us with all of our first time homeowner questions and went out of his way to improve my husband's credit to get us an even better rate. He was always on top of things during the escrow process, and thanks to his hard work we were able to close on time before 4th of July so we could move in during the long weekend! My experience with Rob was a huge contrast to my friend who bought a house at the same time and didn't use a broker- she closed escrow 15 days late and had to spend every day on the phone with 10 different people - whereas we closed on time and the only person I ever had to deal with was Rob, who was always helpful. I highly recommend using him if you are going to buy a home!

- E. A.
Los Angeles, CA | August 01, 2011

ever so much for taking the time, investing your time so we may do and be our best. partnering with you is the best experience. we’re so fortunate to have you in our midst, on our team.

- ~ R. T.
Beverly Hills, CA | November 05, 2014

- Bruce Nangle
Studio City, CA | September 25, 2015

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- Andy Perry
Palos Verdes Estates, CA | March 10, 2016

- Adam Kaye
Westlake Village, CA | March 09, 2016

Tommy, you exhibited a new level of professionalism! This is the way home-buying should be. No question was too big or too small. Thank you for checking in periodically to make sure that the quality of the transaction was at the highest level. I cannot say enough about the exemplary customer service you provided.

- L. G.
La Mesa, CA | May 14, 2015

- Nipper Larson
Mission Viejo, CA | February 24, 2016

Simon Atik-I have to commend you on a great job! Your communication and follow-through was just exemplary and something I am not used to. It was a joy to work with you...

- Coldwell Banker Agent, 30-year tenure
Beverly Hills, CA | February 11, 2014

“Need money for a loan? Need to buy a house? Do you know what you are doing? Is it all new to you? Or do want to find someone better than your last loan broker? Because look no further…….. Brandon Richman is your man! I was a first time home buyer. Instead of someone telling me how much money I would get and what my rates were, Brandon LISTENED to what I wanted to do……. I told him the house I wanted to buy, what I wanted to put down and what I wanted to keep in cash reserves……. and Brandon made it happen ??– at an incredibly low interest rate. And he explained every step of the way…….. And I KNOW he got me a good deal because I compared it to my friends’ deals and he ROCKED IT. Stop your search now. Give him a call.”

- ~ Mike Esola
WME Agent, CA | May 28, 2014

“Brandon recently handled my refinance and I am more than happy with the work that he did for me. Brandon handled everything in a very professional and courteous manner, and helped move what can be a very tedious process along quickly and effectively. I will recommend Brandon to everyone I know who’s looking to refinance – as I trust the work he does and know that he’ll take great care of his clients.”

- ~ Bob Guiney
Actor, CA | May 28, 2014

“Brandon, in this very difficult lending environment, you did a great job in closing a loan for my client. Thank you”

- ~ Bobby Syed
Coldwell Banker Previews, CA | May 28, 2014

“Brandon was a perfect choice for a mortgage broker for a busy professional. He is diligent, hard working and knowledgeable and did a great job obtaining my personal loan. I highly recommend his services.”

- ~ Ginger Glass
Coldwell Banker Previews, CA | May 28, 2014

“I was the listing agent representing an owner/seller in a recent residential property sale and Brandon Richman was the mortgage lender’s representative for the Buyers. Because I personally know and like both Brandon, I was confident that he had the ability, work ethic, and resources to do his job. I trust and respect him and know that he would be accountable. This gave both my clients and myself peace of mind and reassurance that the buyers were being properly served and would be able to close the sale!”

- ~ James Hancock
Coldwell Banker Previews, CA | May 28, 2014

“Brandon Richman devoted nearly two years helping me with one particular client who bought a beautiful place in WeHo, and I am happy to report with Brandon’s hard work we made the deal. Even after hitting an appraisal snag which can mean deal killer, Brandon spearheaded an appeal while simultaneously securing a second appraisal and getting the loan. We closed virtually on time and most importantly everyone is happy. All thumbs up (I have three).”

- ~ Jeffrey Sachs
Coldwell Banker Previews, CA | May 28, 2014

“As a realtor I have used Brandon Richman to assist my clients in getting loans for their purchases. He has always been outstanding, persistent and was able to get my clients the best loan rates for their purchases.”

- ~ Brenda Catalano
Coldwell Banker Previews, CA | May 28, 2014

Victoria is the consummate professional. I was in a position to purchase quickly and she was up to the challenge. She listened to my needs, narrowed down my needs. She made the closing process a breeze. Victoria acts with a high degree of integrity, professionalism and clearly puts her client’s needs first while offering expert opinions through the process. I would highly recommend Victoria for anyone’s Broker needs

- ~ Chad Moss, Vice President - Global Infrastructure & Operations at IHS
Carlsbad, CA | December 03, 2014

If you're looking for a real professional, then look no further than Victoria. She is thorough, professional, incredibly knowledgeable and knows the market better than anyone. These are tough times and if you're looking to buy you need to know that you can trust your mortgage partner and that's why I would highly recommend Victoria.

- ~ Gregg Moss, Anchor/Reporter 9NEWS NBC - Business Editor Newsradio 850KOA
Carlsbad, CA | December 03, 2014

Victoria is reliable and trustworthy.. Her knowledge of the field is valuable for me to make decision to purchase my home, timely reply and cutting edge technology she used allowed me to sign document at office, save a lot time and travel. Definitely recommend.

- ~ Yiyi Zheng, International Buyer for Bestop
Carlsbad, CA | December 03, 2014

Victoria has been a breath of fresh air to the mortgage department at Coldwell Banker in Carlsbad. She is both motivated and has an advanced knowledge of the Real estate and lending fields. She is great with the technical details, and I highly recommend her for clients who are concerned with the finer details in any transaction

- ~ Trevor Johnson, Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker Carlsbad
Carlsbad, CA | December 03, 2014

Victoria has been our family's trusted mortgage advisor through two separate refinancing efforts over the years. We valued and benefited from her expert knowledge and highly ethical approach. Victoria is a pleasure to work with and we wholeheartedly recommend her.

- ~ Marc Diemer, Associate Principal, DHM Design
Carlsbad, CA | December 03, 2014

I have worked with Victoria many times during the last 10 years. She delivers on all categories you could ask. Even when she moved out of state, I found her and she continued to provide that high level of service

- ~ Troy Vallier, Experienced Financial Executive
Carlsbad, CA | December 03, 2014

Tommy, I just want to Thank you so much for all you have done for me before, during and after this process. Without you I know it would not have gone so smoothly. Thanks for being so efficient and detailed and just on top of everything. I feel so blessed knowing you.

- Rochelle
La Mesa, CA | January 27, 2015

Thank you Tommy, been busy moving in the last few days. It was a pleasure working with you, you are a total professional that knows the loan business. You made this experience for me a delightful one, I never had any headaches because you explained every detail to me. Thank you for everything..if you ever need a reference please use my name.

- Ken
La Mesa, CA | February 03, 2015

- Josh Pascua
Palos Verdes Estates, CA | June 18, 2015

- Allen McLain
Los Angeles, CA | June 26, 2015

Hello, I wanted to take a moment and tell someone that Jud Whyte is absolutely amazing! He worked so hard and kept with us very step of the way in the purchase of our new home. Rarely have I experienced such professional ability coupled with such personal dedication. I will be recommending everyone I can to call Jud for their mortgage needs. Thank you First Capital and THANK YOU Jud!

- ~ Mark
Los Angeles, CA | August 04, 2015

- Samuel Isaac
Newport Beach, CA | August 14, 2015

- Jud Whyte
Los Angeles, CA | August 17, 2015

I met Gene when I was a Realtor in South Pasadena. Other agents in the office said he was an excellent loan agent so I decided to give him a try when I had a sale that was about to fall out of escrow one week before the close! Amazingly, Gene was able to close the loan in 5 days and I dubbed him “Mighty Mouse” because he saved the day! Well, 26 years later, I am still using his mortgage services for everyone I know as well as my own personal financial needs.

- ~ M. V.
Pasadena, CA | August 25, 2015

After the people at another institution dropped the ball hard during our home loan process, we were forced to find another loan broker late in the escrow process. People in the real estate business aware of our time table told us that the loan could not be possibly be funded in time. Enter Gene Huang, who inherited a mess just before the stroke of midnight with impossible deadlines to meet, including getting an expedited appraisal. Gene worked diligently, tirelessly, and with excellence providing regular up-to-the-minute progress reports and resolving problems almost instantaneously during the process. His hustle, round-the-clock availability, and attention to detail resulted in the funding of the loan for our purchase without an extension of escrow. I can't imagine someone doing a better job.

- ~ Dr. & Mrs. K. E.
Pasadena, CA | August 25, 2015

…Leslie and I are very grateful for all your help during this difficult loan process. Thank you for being knowledgeable and quick to answer our questions. We appreciate that you were so courteous and extremely helpful. Thanks again for all your help. All the best,

- ~ W. and L. T.
Pasadena, CA | August 25, 2015

- Cheryl Boldig
Irvine, CA | September 25, 2015

- Jeremy Altervain
Hollywood, CA | September 25, 2015

- Scott Bradley
Montecito, CA | September 25, 2015

- Jimmy Green
Los Angeles, CA | October 05, 2015

Dear Mr. Larson, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for: *Searching and finding the best deal for me *Locking in my interest rate at a good time *Supporting me when "others" seemed unorganized *Being so professional and knowledgeable *Always answering my question especially when no one else seemed to know the answer *Spending extra time clearing up misunderstandings *Being so superior at your job that I chose to work with you four times and I will recommend you and your company to everyone. Your have definitely made my home buying adventure very successful. You are the best! Thank you so much

- ~ K. J. S.
Mission Viejo, CA | April 04, 2016

- Stephanie Carrillo
Arcadia, CA | August 09, 2016

- Michael Neill
Palm Springs, CA | March 31, 2016

- Tayt Ianni
Newport Beach, CA | March 31, 2016

- John H. May II
Venice, CA | April 14, 2016

- Habib Sekander
Beverly Hills, CA | June 07, 2016

- Sheree Benoit
Beverly Hills, CA | June 09, 2016

- Thad King
Pasadena, CA | July 28, 2016

- Lucia M. Solis
Arcadia, CA | August 09, 2016

- Kate Canada
Glendale, CA | August 18, 2016

- Jason Ellena
Vista, CA | August 22, 2016

- George Hager
Yorba Linda, CA | August 22, 2016

- Darren Firestone
Los Angeles, CA | September 15, 2016

- Martin Rosenblum
Oxnard, CA | October 05, 2016

- Maureen Sweeney
San Diego, CA | December 05, 2016

- David Moss
Beverly Hills, CA | December 06, 2016

- Jasun Carter
Santa Barbara, CA | January 25, 2017

- James Jang
Los Angeles, CA | January 25, 2017

- Ronald Atniel
Calabasas, CA | January 27, 2017

- Curt Wallach
Newport Beach, CA | January 30, 2017

- Lee Ann Stein
Del Mar, CA | March 23, 2017

- Simon G. Atik
Los Angeles, CA | April 03, 2017

- Rob Nelson
Los Angeles, CA | April 03, 2017

- Jovan Obando
Los Angeles, CA | April 03, 2017

Wonderful!  Thad, thank you for all of your hard work on this loan.  I know you came into this as a backup but you came out of it as my #1 favorite lender in the world.  Except for that time you called me at 2am demanding my great-grandmother’s birth certificate, it’s been a wonderful experience.  Thanks again!

- ~ D. G.
Pasadena, CA | July 27, 2017

- Anthony Madruga
San Diego, CA | August 16, 2017

- Jim Kubicka
San Diego, CA | August 16, 2017

- Kathy Davis
Sherman Oaks, CA | August 16, 2017

- Jesse Bishop
Studio City, CA | August 16, 2017

- Linda Cohen
Malibu, CA | August 16, 2017

- Lance Kinkead
Los Angeles, CA | August 16, 2017

- Rick Lombardo
Santa Monica, CA | August 16, 2017

- Terence Flannigan
Encinitas, CA | August 16, 2017

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