The Offer: There’s More to It Than Just The Price

Fixating on price in real estate may cost you the deal: Sellers who decide that a specific dollar figure will buy their home and won’t budge from that bottom line may sell themselves short. Buyers who drop out of a transaction for a property they love because the seller’s counter-offer shocks them may be quitting before they have really started negotiating. When a buyer makes an offer to purchase a house, condominium unit or commercial property, the purchase price is a prime consideration, but it represents only part of the total value offered to the seller. Problems may arise for ...

January 19th, 2017 The Offer: There’s More to It Than Just The Price

The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

This week brings us the release of only four pieces of monthly economic data for the markets to digest, with one of them considered to be highly important for mortgage rates. It is a shortened trading week with the stock and bond markets closed Monday in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The financial and mortgage markets will reopen Tuesday morning for regular trading hours. The first data of the week is December’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 8:30 AM Wednesday. This is one of the more important monthly reports for the bond market each month since it measures inflationa...

January 16th, 2017 The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

4 Trends Affecting Millennials and Homeownership

If you’re under the age of 35, everything you know about owning a home could be wrong; but it’s not your fault. Parents of millennial children have taught them what was financially sound when they were the same age -- go to college, get married, buy a home and have children; the formula for the American dream. The American Dream is still real for many, but the details are murkier in 2016. The rising costs of college tuition are making it a riskier investment, young people are marrying later and having fewer kids and the appeal of buying over renting is now less obvious than it was ...

January 12th, 2017 4 Trends Affecting Millennials and Homeownership

The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

This week has only three economic reports that are relevant to the bond market and mortgage pricing. Most of what is being released is considered to be highly important and all of it is set for one day. In addition to the data, there are two Treasury auctions that we need to watch. There is nothing of importance scheduled for release Monday or Tuesday, so look for stock movement to help drive bond trading early in the week. There are Treasury auctions scheduled several days this week, but the two that are the most likely to affect mortgage rates will be held Wednesday and Thursday when 10-year...

January 9th, 2017 The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

How to Sell Your Home In 2017

It’s 2017. Now what? Yes, the new year is typically a time for hope and renewal and for those who are looking to sell – and simultaneously buy – a home, it can represent a fresh start. But this year, political and social realities are giving some would-be home sellers pause. Thankfully, the real estate market continues to show real strength, with many housing experts projecting home sales prices and inventory to rise in 2017, replacing doubts with consumer confidence. “Housing prices rose nationally by around 6% in 2016, but the expected increase in 2017 ranges from 3% ...

January 8th, 2017 How to Sell Your Home In 2017

Will Your Home Be Something Old or Something New?

Before you start borrowing and wind up blue, it's always critical to evaluate not just what you want in a house but what you want to put into it in terms of time, effort and money. At its simplest, this "a-ha moment" comes down to this: do you want to buy an existing or a new home? Let's take a few minutes to consider both and get you started on your path to purchasing. Something old... An existing home is a good fit for someone who likes the feel of an established dwelling and neighborhood. They can see beyond a home's current layout, color scheme, etc., and envision how it will look after th...

January 7th, 2017 Will Your Home Be Something Old or Something New?

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