Spring Cleaning Your Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds

March 6th, 2015

Curtains add elegance to your new homeSpring Cleaning Your Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds

Are you feeling that drive to clean everything in your home?

Why do curtains, drapes and blinds get dirty? When the window is open, they can get moist from the air.  Breezes blow in dirt and dust which get stuck to the window treatments. When your windows are closed, there are still cracks and drafts. If air can get through, so can tiny dirt particles. And if you have pets, their fur is going to get caught on the bottoms of the drapes no matter what.  Vacuuming kicks up dust, and guess where it sticks?

So the number one way to keep your window treatments cleaner is to dust regularly.  Then look into sealing the cracks around your windows and doors.  This will also help you with your gas and electric bill as you won’t be losing heat or air conditioning.

Cleaning Blinds

Some places recommend taking them out of the window, bringing them outside, and hosing them down to get them completely clean of dust, dirt, grease, and grime.

Or if you want to clean indoors, consider using your tub using hot water and automatic dishwasing detergent. Let it soak until the water is cool.  Then using a clean toilet bowl brush, scrub the slats.  Rinse in cool water with a little vinegar or alcohol for a nicer finish. Then towel dry and hang to until they are completely dry.

If they were greasy, like they were used in the kitchen, look into adding something like 409 or Pinesol when you’re soaking the blinds.

A more natural way to clean would be using Borax and baking soda to degrease and provide enough of a rubbing compound when you’re scrubbing off the dirt.

An easy and inexpensive way is to put on rubber gloves, and then an old white sock over that, and use your hands to clean each slat. (Very useful if you’re just dusting or getting rid of a little bit of dirt)

Cleaning Curtains

Using a vacuum and a special attachment, start up near the top and vacuum to the bottom.  If there are some spots, you can look into using a damp rag right on that spot.

If they’re really dirty, you might be able to toss them into the washing machine.  But double check especially if they’re a delicate fabric.  Cotton could shrink if you use hot water or use a hot dryer.  Look at the manufacturers directions.  If you’re not sure, use cold water and a delicate or hand wash cycle.

If you want to use your dryer, use low or no heat.  It will take awhile for it to dry, but at least you’ll know it won’t have shrunk. Take them out when they’re slightly damp, and hang them up.  This way, you’ll prevent any wrinkles as gravity will help them dry straight.

If your curtains say dry clean only, find a reputable cleaner, and bring them in.

Cleaning Drapes

Drapes are very similar to curtains in that you will want to vacuum them regularly.  If they get really dirty, you should bring them into a special dry cleaner to have them professionally cleaned.

Have you ever been tempted to wash your curtains or drapes?

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