Three Ways to Remove Stress When Moving

April 15th, 2014

movingThree Ways to Remove Stress When Moving

We probably should say remove some of the stress. Moving is one of the most stressful events in our lives like birth and marriages. The end result is something we want, but the process can drive you insane.

We know you’ve probably heard about the importance of having a kit that you move rather then the movers. The kit should have toilet paper, paper towels, a flashlight, cleaning wipes, and some simple snacks. You won’t want to cook, and you may not have electricity when you first move in. Also, you’ll have a special box filled with the irreplaceable items like jewelry, medications, and important papers.

Today, we have three more tips that will make your life easier when you move. All of these require some early planning. Hopefully when you move, you’ll have at least 30-45 days to plan, pack and move.

Know What’s In The Box

You know you should keep a master list of what is in each box, but how to make it easy? Take some notebook paper and some masking tape, and tape a piece of paper on each box. You’ll probably be packing for a few weeks before you move. Whenever you put something in the box, make a note. It doesn’t have to be huge amount of detail, just something meaningful to you like “favorite mug” or “favorite wine glass.”

When the box is full, pull off the paper and place it into a file folder. Make sure you number the paper and the box so you know how to match it up.

Get Rid of Stuff

If you no longer own it, you no longer have to pack it. Once you start packing, you may be amazed at the duplication. You may find five wine openers because you couldn’t find one and bought a replacement. Clear out the clutter by having a number of yard sales, or put items up for auction or online classifieds. Give items away on freecycle to help others who may have a really great use for your extra stand mixer that’s still in a box. Or just bring a large box to donate.

In your new house, try to think about ways of unpacking so you never lose the basics again.

Get Free Boxes

Talk with your local grocery store about taking their boxes that held paper towels and toilet paper. They’re large and sturdy. The grocery store will be happy because it saves them time and effort from having to break down the boxes and binding them together for recycling.

Also ask for their wine boxes. You can also go to your local liquor store and get wine boxes from them as well. These boxes are naturally well padded and have the bonus of the built-in dividers which you can use for packing your glasses without the added cost of bubble wrap.

Will you be moving soon? What’s your best tip to make moving less stressful?

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