Please Congratulate Our Award Winners

April 9th, 2014 we need to share our victories. We were tickled pink to be acknowledged in our parent company’s awards this year. We wanted to share with you the winners of our awards and hope you’ll see some names that are familiar and congratulate them on a job well done.




Loan Officer Awards

Top Capture Rate – Large Office

  •     #1San Marino
  •    #2Studio City
  •     #3Newport Center


Top Capture Rate – Small Office

  • #1Playa Vista
  • #2Los Feliz
  • #3Manhattan Beach

President’s Club

This is the Oscar of all our awards and goes only to the top 10% of loan officers company-wide. There are four very strict requirements that have to be met, but oh, the reward is sweet. Tremendous congratulations go to:

  • Allen McLain
  • Maddox Rees
  • Scott Bradley

We hope you’ll pick up the phone or shoot off an email congratulating your favorite loan officer. They’ve really worked hard to help you get the best mortgage loan for you.

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