Electronics for Real Estate Agents

February 18th, 2014

shutterstock_134490893Electronics for Real Estate Agents

There are so many wonderful tools out there now to help real estate agents do their job faster and easier. We’ve done some more research and updated our original post to provide you with the best technology and tips to help you grow your business in this modern world.


The Eye-Fi card goes into your camera and can immediately upload the images. So, if you have a smart phone or a tablet with internet connection, the Eye-Fi can connect directly from the camera. The images get transferred immediately to your smartphone or tablet. Then you can review the images  and choose which to upload to your website right then. This saves time from having to go back to the office and review all of the images.


Google calendar is a great way of combining all of your calendars into one easily accessible calendar from home, work, or on the go with your smartphone. You can also have your email accessed through Google Mail, and then directly add dates to the calendar.

Portable Office

Monster recommended the following list for a portable office:

  • Individual tablet PCs for displaying and retrieving documents and other computing tasks. “The client’s signature directly on the screen is as good as a signature on paper,” says Turner.
  • A portable printer.
  • Treo 650 smartphones that display listings and photos.
  • Internet-based fax numbers.
  • Proprietary real estate software.

All smartphones can easily display listings and photos, so find one that works with the rest of your office and life.


Many agents now set up websites for the address of the property they’re listing. This is a great way of providing a unique experience for the home. You can add in numerous photographs and videos as you’re not limited to what sites like Zillow or MLS offer. You are also able to get a lot of attention when people see a house, see it’s for sale, and then see the domain. They can go home and look up the house right away and call you.

Cell Phone Extenders

If you’re worried about the battery life on your smart phone or tablet, you can look into battery extenders as well as solar powered chargers. The chargers work quickly and in the background, so you don’t have to lose any time.

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