Why Seller Disclosures Are Useful

Why Seller Disclosures Are UsefulState and federal laws are strict in requiring sellers to tell what they know about the condition of their homes that isn’t obvious or discernible to potential buyers. Buyers can’t see behind walls or under houses, so they rely on truthful information from the seller about the operations, appliances and systems of the home. When selling your home, your real estate agent will present you with a federal and/or state-mandated disclosure form called a Real Estate Disclosure Statement, Property Condition Disclosure, or Condition Report. You’re requ...

June 29th, 2017 Why Seller Disclosures Are Useful

The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

This week brings us the release of five economic reports that may influence mortgage rates along with two Treasury auctions. Some of these reports certainly can cause a change in mortgage rates, but none are considered to be key releases. We have at least one event set for release each day. The week starts early Monday with May’s Durable Goods Orders from the Commerce Department, giving us an indication of manufacturing sector strength. It tracks orders at U.S. factories for big-ticket items, or products that are expected to last three or more years such as electronics, appliances and ai...

June 26th, 2017 The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

Five Smart Strategies for Savvy Homebuyers

Five Smart Strategies for Savvy HomebuyersThe National Association of REALTORS(R) has announced that there’s a housing supply shortage. Homes are selling quickly and home prices are starting to inch up again. It’s becoming a seller’s market in many areas. Any time the market changes, it’s time to change strategies. During a buyer’s market, buyers have the upper hand and can make more demands to sellers over their homes’ price and condition. During a sellers’ market, buyers concede the upper hand to sellers and are more willing to accept higher prices a...

June 22nd, 2017 Five Smart Strategies for Savvy Homebuyers

The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

This week brings us the release of only three pieces of monthly economic data that may affect mortgage rates and none of them are considered to be highly important. This should be a much calmer week for mortgage rates than last week was, particularly the first couple days since there is nothing of importance scheduled for Monday or Tuesday. The first of this week’s economic reports comes late Wednesday morning when the National Association of Realtors posts May’s Existing Home Sales. This report tracks resales of existing homes, giving us a measurement of housing sector strength. I...

June 19th, 2017 The Weekly Mortgage Market Commentary

Three Big Things Homebuyers Are On The Look-Out For

As a seller, you have a lot more control in pleasing buyers than you think. If you start the selling process by learning what buyers really want, you can prepare your home to come as close to their dreams as possible. Here are the five biggest turn-ons for homebuyers and what you can do to please buyers. Curb Appeal You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your home should sell to the buyer from the curb. That’s how important curb appeal is. Your buyer should be so impressed, so charmed, so delighted that they want to leap out of the car and run inside. How do you create curb ...

June 15th, 2017 Three Big Things Homebuyers Are On The Look-Out For

Statistics Don't Sell Homes - You Do

Last week, the Federal Reserve raised its funds rate by a quarter of a point - and mortgage rates shrugged off the news and decided to head lower rather than going higher. As you've read in these pages before, this shouldn't be a surprise. The movement of mortgage rates is based on much more than what the Fed does or doesn't do, not to mention that the markets anticipate these kinds of moves and "bake them in" before they happen (and this hike was previously telegraphed). What happens to mortgages in the long term remains to be seen because of those other factors and the Fed's policymakers pro...

June 15th, 2017 Statistics Don't Sell Homes - You Do

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